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The Rosin and Turpentine Factories at Nahan and Bilaspur with a total installed capacity of 1,11,000 quintals per annum (37,000 quintals in Nahan &  74,000 quintals in Bilaspur)  were transferred to the Corporation in 1974. All the resin obtained by Corporation is processed in these factories to produce rosin and other subsidiary products like Turpentine Oil, Phenyl and Black Japan available on demand.

The rosin and other products are sold on first come first serve basis on  administered prices determined by the designated committee  constituted for the purpose.

Rosin and Turpentine Factory Nahan


Rosin and Turpentine
Factory Bilaspur

•Nine grades of rosin manufactured and 7 conform to ISI specification.

•Grading into: 

Pale i.e. X, WW, WG and N Medium i.e. M, K and H     Dark i.e. D and B (non ISI) done according to viscosity and colour value.

Used in the manufacture of paint, varnish, printing inks, Phenyl, Aggarbatti, Soap, Paper, Tarpal, Rubber  etc.

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