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Wooden tiles


Wooden Floor tiles and panels are being manufactured in Joinery and furniture unit Shamshi of Kullu Forest Working Division .

At present the floor tiles and panels are being sold at Joinery unit of Kullu Forest Working Division at Shamshi and Kanlog retail sale depot of Shimla Forest Working Division. It is planned to sell these products throughout the state through various retail sale depots of the HP State Forest Corporation Ltd.

Kharshu Oak is being used mainly to make floor tiles because besides being economical, it helps to hide the scratches and dents better than most other hardwoods due to strong graining of Oak. Moreover, it absorbs stains very well, so it is easy to change the colour when you are refinishing the floors. Oaks are also considered the most preferred hardwood floors throughout world due to their high density.

Paneling is being made from softwoods like Fir/Spruce mainly. Other spp like Maples and Walnuts are also used for making tiles depending upon availability. The raw material for these is being obtained from the salvage timber of Temperate Forests of Kullu. Thus these are sourced locally from sustainably managed forests.

Wooden tiles available at Forest Working Division Kullu/HSD Shamshi


Timber Sale Depots Kanlog (Shimla)

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